Wash and Wax

  • Complete rinse and spray down of the entire exterior
  • Cleaning of tires, wheels, wheel wells, fenders, and gas cap
  • A streak-free wash of all exterior surfaces with quality hand mitts and brushes
  • Removal of all bugs, sap, contaminants, and other debris
  • Clay exterior surfaces for a smooth finish
  • Wipe down of all door jambs 
  • The exterior glass is cleaned
  • Tires are dressed for a like-new look
  • High-quality wax or sealant is applied for protection and added gloss

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7+ Hours

Full Interior Detail

  • Thorough vacuuming of the complete interior
  • Crevices and tight spaces cleaned out with compressed air
  • Deep Cleaning of all door jams
  • Deep Cleaning of all plastic, leather, rubber, and vinyl surfaces 
  • Deep cleaning of all interior surfaces and any emptied out compartments
  • Shampooing and extraction of all carpets and seats
  • Deep cleaning of the headliner 
  • Cleaning of all glass, mirrors, and windows
  • Deodorizer sprayed for a fresh scent
  • 303 Conditioner and UV protectant applied to all plastics, vinyl, and leather

(In Person Quotes Only)


Time Range Varies

GlassParency Glass Coating

  • Cleaning and full decontamination of the glass
  • Polishing of any hard water spots or etching
  • GlassParency coating application
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free Maintenance from us for the duration of your warranty
  • Maintenance packets to maintain your coating (If you’d rather do it yourself)

Starting Price:

Windshield - $100

Other Glass - Price Varies